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Our wide range of services

Soft Services

Janitorial Services

Pantry Services

Deep cleaning Services

Carpet a Upholstery cleaning

Society Cleaning

Special Occasion's Cleaning

Society cleaning services

Floor scrubbing

Glass cleaning

Terrace cleaning

Corridors cleaning

Staircase a lift cleaning

Garden Et lawn cleaning

Mall operations

Economical Fixed billing concept

Usage of. high standard techniques & machines

Different uniforms on weekends & festivals

Extra Manpower on weekends & festivals

Extra Manpower for deep-cleaning every week

Technical Services

Pest Control services

Facade Cleaning

Corporate offices

Well-trained staff viz., office etiquettes, general office work etc

Multi-tasking of boys

New Building cleaning

Well trained, uniformed a insured staff

All areas vacuumed.

Kitchens and bathrooms de-taped and cleaned

Windows cleaned and de-tape

Paint splashes, excess grouting and excess plaster removed

Rubbish removed

Outside cladding cleaned